Winning your Ways in the Land of Sustained Development and Growing Urbanization - West Bengal

How right discussions can help you take the right decision in Land and Real Estate Development in the state of West Bengal which serves as gateway for South East Asian Countries

West Bengal acts as natural corridor to North Eastern states, as it is a centre to various states and neighboring countries. The state has a total area of 88,750 sq km stretching from the Himalayas in the north to the Bay of Bengal in the south.



If you are interested in exploring any specific business opportunity or want to understand where we could assist you in any specific real estate related challenge that you are currently faced with, please feel free to call us or drop in at our office where we could discuss at length that may well lead you to a new horizon.



Our strength lies in the fact that our dedicated team of advocates and professionals follow focused and intensive approach backed up by our extensive and varied experience in our practice areas providing spectrum of legal services to our valued clients and effectively advising to facilitate the aspiration of our clients involved in real estate development and land use approval process thereby contributing in phenomenal growth of real estate and rapid urbanization in the city of Kolkata, West Bengal, India.



Mr Soumitra Das Ray, is the founder of S.Das Ray & Associates, the core team in the firm excels in their respective core competencies in its service areas to offer cluster of high quality expertise services to the valued clients. Mr Das Ray has essentially been practicing in the areas of Real Estate, Land and Municipal Laws with specialization in regulatory compliances required for obtaining project sanction.


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About the leadership and credentials of Mr. Soumitra Das Ray

Soumitra Das Ray possesses a unique blend of hands-on and real life experience in the assessment and building departments in the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) for 17 years as well as an accomplished lawyer with over 12 years of experience providing regulatory compliance and related expertise in areas such as Conveyancing Analysis, Municipality affairs, Urban land ceiling, Land acquisition, Land Reforms, Construction Law, Transfer of Property act and related constitutional matters.

With an educational background that covers the broad spectrum of commerce, public relations, law from Calcutta University, Mr Das Ray is dynamism and professionalism personified, carrying out research and preparing cases, setting them up and winning arguments in landmark cases in the field of Real Estate and construction. His leadership in the domains of real estate and land laws is well acknowledged in industry circles.

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